IVR Energy Stromversorgungsunternehmen PlanungPLANNING

concept development of power supply systems including necessary documentation for transfer stations up to 36 KV and power stations up to 400 KV, short-cirquit calculation, load-flow calculation, creation of wiring manuals, concept development of...

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IVR Energy Stromversorgungsunternehmen RealisierenREALISATION

supply and installation of complete power distribution systems throughout Europe, supply of medium- and low-voltage power
supply systems, as well as transformer station from our own production, engineering and supply of electrical substations up to 380 KV, ...

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Redox Flow BatteryENERGY STORAGE

Vanadium Redox Flow Storage-System: → Backup System, frequency control, integration of renewable energy, energy transmission and distribution, network support, Decentralized Energy-Storage-System (DESS), energy management for privat households, ...

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IVR Energy Stromversorgungsunternehmen ServiceleistungenSERVICE

Protection test of transfer stations and electrical substations, monitoring of the power quality by means of long-term analyzes and their evaluation,
24 h operation and maintenance of power supply systems, integration of small telecontrol installations in ...

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You have a malfunction or an instance of damage?

In case of damage income losses quickly add up to several tens of thousands of euros. It doesn't have to be this way.

For particularly urgent requests or in case of damage we maintain numerous components such as transformers, switchgear and prefabricated stations in order to easily supply our customers if necessary.