For personal use, while the surplus energy can be utilized privately or commercially.

Main advantages of the AIRCON 10 wind turbine:

  • New variable rotor speed with a high degree of effectiveness
  • Power factor regulation with very low flicker- and harmonics strain for the supply into the power system.
  • Improved economic efficiency compared to the current status of technology
  • Rotor blade with lightning protection and noise-optimized blade tips
  • Newly designed permanently excited synchronous disc rotor generator without gear unit and with a minimal ripple of moments and a very high electrical efficiency (see also description SPARK)
  • Active wind tracking through propulsion

Technical Data:

Rated output: 10 kW
Rotor diameter: 7.40 m
Rotor disc: 40 q
Switching-on wind velocity: 2.5 m/s
Nominal wind velocity: 11.0 m/s
Switching-off wind velocity: 37 m/s
Survival wind speed: 58 m/s
Revolutions per minute: 70-160 U/min
Rotor speed regulation: Active stable
1. Brake system: Generator overload regulation
2. Brake system: Hydraulic disc brake
Alternative brake system: Blade adjustment
Wind tracking: Active contoller-aided wind tracking
Generator: Permanent excited synchronous machine
Supply system-inject-converter: IGBT, 4-Quadrant signal processors
Rated output: 12.5 kVA
Rated tension voltage: 400 V
Output factor (cos q): 0.98
Harmonic waves: very low
Method of output regulation: Modulation of pulse
Remote control optional:
by telephone network/radio network/internet